Because I'm Curious

I was getting dinner for the dogs, after eating my own (Mr. Spit is out of town still), and I got to thinking about all of you.

I'm wondering. . . .

What did you have for dinner last night? No, really, I'm curious.

(I had fresh perogies from the Farmers' Market - potato, bacon and onion; sour cream, a BC nectarine, a glass of 1% milk and about 8 tootsie roll's.)

Really, c'mon, dish. What did you eat?

Yes, that is a perogy on a fork. It's from Glendon, Alberta, and it's part of Mr. Spit's personal "big things in Alberta" photo album. I spared you the giant kulbasa sausage from Mundare, Alberta, mostly because I didn't think we could trust Aunt Becky to behave herself!