The Mystery of the Cat who Wouldn't Stop Peeing

Brown Owl (who doesn't have a blog, but could and should) suggested that I might particularly enjoy Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who series. . .

Right now, I'm living a particular the cat who hell of my very own.

The hell of a cat who is "inappropriately eliminating"

It started in August, when Mr. Spit's files came home from his old job, and were promptly peed on. It's continued. Some clothing, more paper, a jacket of Mr. Spit's, their cat beds. . .

The vet assures us they don't have bladder infections. Possibly crystals in their urine, so we switched to super premium only available from the vet food. But, still with the peeing.

And there is . . . This smell, by my computer. We thought it was caused by the pee in the basement, right next to the return air vent that is attached the vent right by my computer, but we have cleaned up the pee in that room, put in a volcanic rock deodorizer, closed the door to keep the cats out, and taped over the vent for now, to allow the smell to dissipate.

But still, there is a smell around my computer. It smells awful. Terrible. Icky.

So, tonight, I went to Pet Smart. I bought:
  • a feliway diffuser for the dinning room plug in (where my computer is)
  • Some feliway hormone spray
  • Wheat litter for the litter boxes, in case the boys don't like their old Costco litter (possibly not chichi enough to go with the vet food?)
  • Some natural herbs that promise to attract the boys to their litter box.
At the suggestion of the lady at the store (who was at least able to sympathize), I have hauled out Max's litter box, on the suggestion that possibly one cat is exercising dominance over the other, and preventing access to the litter box.

My craft room is now accessorized with a litter box, you know, just in case.

I spent a good portion of this evening, crawling around on my hands and knees, sniffing for cat pee, and wiping down with Nature's Miracle where I found it.

Then after that, I went around spraying with the Feliway hormone spray. Feliway, which promises a happy cat. The furry slugs ignored the entire process.

Even though I am dead tired, the nice lady at the pet store also suggested quality time with the furry slugs, so I'm going to the out the feather thing and play with the cats for a bit as well.

Here's the Important Question:

Have I missed anything? Is there anything else I could or should do?