A Working Definition of Love

Is the man who goes and finds the Safeway employee to go and open the bakery, so that I can have my chocolate cup cake with 3 inches of orange icing. And then he goes and gets a slurpee to soothe my throat, and only laughs at me a bit when I am convinced that I have H1N1. And when I am sure I will never eat again, he insists I have a smoothie, and doesn't insist that I eat anything else.

Then he piles on every blanket, but also puts the fan in the window, knowing as soon as I am finished being freezing, I will be sweltering.

And now, he's cooking me cranberry brie in phyllo pastry from M&M, on the BBQ, because we still don't have a stove.

And I'm moping about the house, whimpering because my very bones hurt, and my throat feels as if I have swallowed glass, and my head will explode.

I am a blessed woman.

Alleluia. Amen.

Je t'adore