Sanity in Pictures and With Math

Well, not really, because I'm not all that good with photoshop 6, and after you have heard about my day, you will understand why I am not even going to open it up.

So, let's let the diagram below indicate Mrs. Spit's sanity continuum


In the normal scheme of things you would probably rather be at the extreme left hand side of things. When we do the Sanity Math (tm), we note that Mrs. Spit is on vacation, but. . . She's also doing a home reno. On the bright side, Mr. Spit, we all discovered yesterday, is not dying of leukemia.

All of this Sanity Math (tm) puts Mrs. Spit about here on the Sanity Scale(tm) as a starting point.


Then she woke up. Slept late because she could, but discovered Rona will not be delivering the 512million bricks she needs for her front sidewalk until Saturday (they were needed today). Also, due to a slight mis-calculation the Spits require 2 more tons of gravel (plus the stuff from the back that still has to be moved). This puts the project 20% MORE over budget.


Come home from running errands and discover that Delta has shredded the entire box of Puffs Kleenex all over the living room floor. (Puffs purchased because nose is very sore from cold).


Go to Lee Valley to purchase gardening things, even for other people.


Go home, try to leave a comment on someone's blog. Computer stutters, pauses, flashes the blue screen o'death and then shuts off. Kernel error? Shut down, repair, re-install, re-index files, re-start, re-start, re-start. Leave for doctor's office, where Mrs. Spit has her "annual" exam. (some of you will get this. If you don't, ask the woman in your life to explain it).


Go to office. Sort through email. Try to be discreet. Charming co-worker.


Go home, have extremely tense words with Mr. Spit about exactly what to do with the laptop situation (which has not solved itself.) Mr. Spit suggests (gently!) that "I hate it and I wish it were dead" are not the most sensible words to use about a recalcitrant laptop.


As a result of tense words and moments of irrationality, leave house late to get to dinner at friends' new house. New house in neighbourhood you don't know. Pause to shift all the flyers that are being delivered to your house, so former TGND can deliver them and fund her trip to Japan next year. Bicker more while doing it. Get in car, late, while solidly (also tm).


Arrive at friends' house, greet them, enjoy dinner very much. Most beautiful garden, that you might get to muck around a bit in next spring. (Not kidding about the meal, and the friends, they made the rest of the evening slightly more bearable)


Attempt to drop Laptop off to London Drugs to be fixed. Tech can't touch it for 2 weeks. Suggests trying repair disk. Point out, you cannot remember your admin password. Password hint is "my first". First what? No one can help if you can't remember your password.


Get home. Realize that mother's cat has arrived. This will not do good things for current cats, that are still peeing everywhere. Also, has interloper cat been treated for ear mites? Phone rings. Is mother. Mother is in Red Deer, mother's clothes are apparently at her back door here in Edmonton. Add in "drop suitcase off at Greyhound" into already busy schedule for next day. Drive to Mother's to get suitcase, pull up to house, realize that mother's house keys are on hook at your front door, from the last time she lost her keys and had to borrow yours.

[---------------------] X

Return home. Refuse to go anywhere. Demand ice cream float. Husband has fixed computer. (Perhaps it only required someone who wasn't fantasizing about the things they could do to Bill Gates' body with a ball peen hammer, as payback for Vista.)


Now, things aren't in the red zone right now, so I'm going to go to bed. I'll talk to you later. Maybe.