We are all our Mother's Daughter's

I should know better than to go grocery shopping at 9 pm at night, when I have not eaten since lunch. (Not my fault, Board Meeting and then errands for trip).

I buy stupid stuff. Over priced and just bad meatloaf, that may not stay in my tummy much longer. Expensive cookies that I love, but need like a hole in my head. Banana flavoured milk. Ornamental corn.

But not, I maintain, the 2 boxes of lucky charms (hey, they were on 2 for $7. I had to buy 2). That purchase did not represent hunger based food stupidity, it represented independence.

Years ago, the rule in my house was that if sugar was in the first 3 ingredients, I wasn't allowed the cereal. And yes, my mother knows all the names for sugar. Dextrose, sucrose, maltose, high fructose corn syrup, she knows them all.

There are not many cereals that leaves one. Indeed, you can't even have mini-wheats. As I recall, there was shredded wheat, all bran, puffed wheat, rice krispies and shreddies. That was it. Not a lot of fruit for the tummy there, mostly just dry, boring cereal.

And still, 25 years later, I am remarkably boring in my cereal choices. Mr. Spit gets all sorts of things. I get unfrosted shredded wheat. Sometimes, sometimes I get radical and I have shreddies. To this day, I like Sunny Boy hot cereal. I remain remarkably true to my upbringing.

I was 18 when I had corn puffs for the first time. 21 the first time I had lucky charms.

Tonight, tired and worn, running through the store trying to find something to eat, I saw the lucky charms. My vacation is starting a day early. I'm having lucky charms for breakfast today!