The Spits Go to the Vet

I would complain that the vet visit was $580, with the promise of another $100 in 2 weeks (ear mites).

But I won't. As I was paying the bills and Mr. Spit was hefting the expensive prescription cat food to the car, the owners came in with the lovely grey cat.

Unlike many long hairs, she was immaculately groomed. She was happy in his arms, and when I went to pet her, I saw the tumor on her face.

And she was there to be euthanized, and his eyes were liquid, and the cat's were trusting, and my heart was breaking.

And I walked back over, and when they announced the total was $580, I changed my tune and I said that will be fine, and handed over my bank card, and Mr. Spit hefted $80 worth of vet food for the boys (that will hopefully help with the peeing everywhere problem).

I made another appointment for 2 weeks, go get another set of shots for everyone, to deal with the ear mites, and I was thankful that money was all it took.

A very wise woman once told me that if it was a problem you could solve with money, it wasn't a problem at all.

And I'm thinking of a grey cat, and an age spotted hand that petted her with the familiarity of 15 or so years, and I'm thinking of a hand with nothing to pet tonight, and she's right.

The worst things in the world will never be solved by money.

If it can be solved with money, it's not a problem.