Today I need to sit down and write out my to do list.

On it include such things as finish digging down the path, compact dirt, gravel, sand. Order paving stones, install paving stones.

Touch up paint on front porch, clean up back yard, including installing new motion lights and decorative stars. Finish painting the garage door.

In the house I should clean the california sunshine celiling panels, flip over my summer wardrobe to winter, put away my summer shoes and tidy the basement a bit.

I should brush all the animals and clean out the desk. I should be knitting some stuff.

I also need to meet with an Executive Director for a new board I will be sitting on, and pick apples with a neighbour.

I should have a nice list, broken out by priority and day.

Bugger that.

Mr. Spit and I are going to Fort Edmonton Park.

Talk to you later.