Monday Miscellany

  • So, Mrs. Spit has a stupid question. I was listening to a song on the radio, and umm, what's a homecoming queen?
  • More time in the garden this weekend. I'll get some photo's up later this week. Things are really starting to take off. Mr. Spit did herculean labour to get rid of the dandelions behind our garage. In fact, the pile is so spectacular I have photo`s of it.
  • We had our regional baby loss service yesterday. I read this.
  • I`m back in Calgary today, helping Allan close accounts and fill out paperwork. I have bought $40 in books. Allan doesn`t want to go back to the house to get Emma`s books, so I bought her more. I wish I could fix the bigger problem that easily.

And finally, Dr. Tiller, I pray that the angels carried you away. Requisat En Pax.

Wish me luck on the Queen Elizabeth Raceway.

Happy Monday!