Monday Miscellany

3 updates:

1. It would appear that I will be going to get my ears pierced. Not tonight, because I am busy, and tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, so I shall be busy. Wednesday might be ok, and I know I have a bunch of meetings on Thursday night, so maybe Friday? Does that sound like a think that the cool kids do - go and get their ears pierced of a Friday night?

2. I need to wash my windows. I have lived in my house for 4.5 years now, and umm, I have never washed my windows. I'd like to imply that I'm letting you into a secret, but really, you look at my house and it's not so secret is it?

Have you any suggestions? Obviously I can do the insides, but how do you wash the outsides? It's not my fault - I grew up in a house where either the housekeeper did this, or after things went sideways, we were in apartments where washing the windows was the least of your problems. I asked my mother, and she said she had a guy that did hers. I don't have a guy.

Please - how do I wash my windows?

3. Mr. Spit says thank- you for your kind words. They meant the world to both of us.

And a bonus - I am insanely jealous of the UK - they get to say things that we could never say on TV, and we all laugh, and they get Top Gear when it's on, instead of having to download it. I suppose on the bright side, and we aren't telling Mr. Spit, but it does limit my, ahem, fascination with Jeremy Clarkson . . . .

(and look, I know money's tight, and it doesn't help that free loaders like Mr. Spit and me are enjoying the show without paying taxes, but really BBC, 8 episodes? Honestly? Could you let me know where to send my 20 quid?)