Dear Neighbour Child on the Next Block

I think it's great that you skateboard. No, really, I'm not just saying that to be hip, I actually think it's great.

It teaches perseverance and dedication and possibly (although, not in your case) co-ordination. In addition to this, you aren't selling drugs on our street corner, or getting drunk and having fights on our sidewalk (Big plus in our neck of the woods)

It's just. . . . .

Well, I've been watching you skateboard for 3 years. And, I just have to say -

You aren't getting any better at it. At all.

In fact, you are still trying that same trick as from 3 years ago, where you jump up, and have your board spin around, and then you fall off and almost break your neck you land back on it. At least, I think that's what you are trying to do. Your friends do it, and I can only assume that they keep coming over to show you. again.

Likely, Possibly you are even worse.

And I like you, and I think you are a wonderful young man (except for the spitting, knock that off already)

I'm wondering, how about another hobby? I hear women like men who cook?