A series of "Unfortunately" events

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Niobe and Loribeth did it, and you know what, I howled with laughter when I did mine.
  • Unfortunately, Mrs. Spit finished it off with a pair of huge glasses (in this case bigger isn't always better) and a trucker hat. [What's a trucker hat? Just asking?]
  • Unfortunately, Mrs. Spit made news for all the wrong reasons later that year when she was convicted of assaulting a toilet attendant. [Whoops, bit of temper there!]
  • unfortunately Mrs. Spit ran out of time. Social change agents are putting most of their emphasis on execution. [Time to update my resume, I guess]
  • Unfortunately, Mrs. Spit did not make the finals but her life will continue to catch fire as she lives it to the fullest.
  • Unfortunately, Mrs. Spit has not been getting much love from me lately - you know, because of that whole sex on the bus thing with a married man. [Really, this isn't me!]
  • Unfortunately Mrs. Spit returned to Barstow where she worked as a piano teacher.
  • Ok there are people that can eat whatever they want without piling up a pound.....unfortunately Mrs. Spit doesn't seem to be one of them. [Gee, I guess those of us with the same name have more in common than we realize!]
  • Unfortunately, Mrs. Spit has problem. She's better at looking the part than realizing it. Mrs. Spit is consumed by consumption. She has a little shopping problem ... [I can stop any time I want to. Really]
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Type "unfortunately" and your name into google. Really, it's that simple.

PS - slight confession, if you type in Mrs. Spit the only thing that comes up is my blog - so I used my real name.

PPS - No, Mr. Spit doesn't actually call me Mrs. Spit. I call him Mr. Spit though.

PPPS - No, I'm not going to tell you what my real name is.