Nanny's Reply

I sent my mom an email copy of the blog from Tuesday.


Oh my ! What a wonderful way of describing the joy of awaiting being a Nanny, the pain and suffering of meeting our Gabriel, knowing he could only stay with us a short time and so much to tell him. It was hard to carry our Gabriel, wrapped in his blanket to the morgue, but so there were so many things I had to tell him as we walked together that last time. He needed to know that he would always be my first grandson and that he would forever have a special corner in my heart. Gabriel needed to know he was now part of a big family that were waiting for his return to heaven and that they would tell him stories about his Nanny and Mom and Dad. One day we would be together again and I would help you and Mr. Spit as you grieved his loss and began to celebrate this little baby we knew as Our Gabriel.