Husband for Sale

Mr. Spit and I decided on a swanky dinner out, so yep, we went to Denny's. Now, don't get us wrong, we tried to go to Smitty's but they close at 7:30. So, Denny's for pancakes with topping and chemi-whip it was.

We plowed through our breakfast dinner, and were joking around.

Mr. "I've bought you dinner, can I take you home now?"

Mrs. "Nope, you have to buy me coffee first. I'm a woman of negotiable affections."

Mr. "Tim Hortons? Starbucks?"

Mrs. Glare. Make growling sounds.

Mr. "I know. You are thinking that little place on the corner."

Mrs. Waiting for it.

Mr. "Yep, that little place. 7-11!. I hear they serve gourmet coffee!"

Mrs. No words, kicks him under the table

Waitress: "Can I clear those plates for you?"

Mrs. "Want to buy a husband? I'll give you 20 bucks to take him. He's handy around the house, pretty good at doing the laundry, and he vacuums. He kills spiders, and mostly he helps with the dishes."

Waitress: (big smile) "Well, I'm not sure what my husband would say."

Mrs. "Darn. Are you sure? It's a good deal, all that, and 20 bucks. If nothing else, you'll be 20 bucks ahead. That's something in these uncertain times."

Mr. "Hey. . . . "

Mrs. "Well, I guess I'll have to keep him then."

Mr. "Hey, you forgot to tell her, I don't use a lot of hair supplies."

I left her a good tip. And to think she could have had Mr. Spit and turned him down. Don't know what she was thinking of!

As I type this, the Mister is looking at Google Maps, finding the locations of all the tankers in the Straight of Juan De something. I'd tell you exactly what, but he figured out that I was poking fun at him, with all of you, and won't tell me how to spell it. But, as of this exact moment, there are 260 shipping vessels around Rotterdam.

If nothing else, (and there are many other reasons), I would keep him for the ways we laugh together. That alone is worth every moment.