Monday Miscellany

This Monday Miscellany is brought to you by things I need to remember:

  • The dogs need baths. Really. They smell, umm, doggy.
  • I need to sit down and make a list of of who I need to knit for. I'd swear that conception was catching at church. I'd say that it was something on the pew, but hello? I'm not pregnant yet. (bloody hell!)
  • Buy laser toy for cats. The very fat rotund cat is not the slightest bit interested, but the other one loves them.
  • Pick up duvets from cleaner. Dog drool. Small-ish washer.
  • Bring my coffee cup and my water bottle home and run them through the dish washer. You should too.
  • Nag everyone to send me Toby Award Nominations.
  • Tell everyone about the Secret Shopping Mission (SSM) - on Tuesday.

And one last reminder, for Trish. DO NOT COMPARE THE AMAZING ROBBIE TO OTHER CHILDREN. They are no where near as amazing and wonderful and miraculous as your sweet baby boy, and you will make them feel badly about their ordinariness for the rest of their lives, even if they do weight more than Robbie.

Have a great day! Hoping the ground hog sees his shadow wherever you are. (It never works here. The stupid rodents don't live in Alberta)