Monday Miscellany

It's 9:30 on Sunday night, and for some reason I can't figure out where my day has gone. I don't mind that weekends are short, but I do try to be mindful of the time, to enjoy two days off, to call my soul my own. Particularly after last week.

At any rate, I had visions of spending today sitting in my living room, re-reading the Isabel Dalhousie books by Alexander McCall Smith, and leaving behind Edmonton for Edinburgh. But, I've been to the library and the hardware store. I've purchased a planter for the cat grass, and Drano for the bathroom sink. I've measured a new bathroom vanity, even though we said we were doing no Reno's, because it would fit the period of our bathroom so well, and the old one is broken, and it was about half price. And I've planted the cat grass and poured the Drano down the sink. Hoping it works. I lost a toothpaste cap down there a while ago, and I'm not sure that Drano is going to do the trick.

I've been to 3 clothing stores, looking for the perfect coloured shirt, and I finally found it at Laura, for 14.99, on sale, after going to 3 other stores. I hate when I get one colour in my mind, and nothing else will do. I think I will wear the sweater I also purchased with my other pair of new shoes, that I bought on sale 2 weeks ago. (Heartily in favour of recessions over here!)

I've been to the grocery store to purchase more of my latest obsession, bocconcini, which I then marinate in balsamic vinegar and blueberry pomegranate salad dressing.

I've had a bit of a nap, spoken to my mother, phoned a few board members about the latest crisis brewing at Rat Creek, and talked a little catch up, re-iterating the idea that we need to all get together, enough with catching up on door steps and on phone calls, in between bits of board business. I promised someone some tomato seedlings, reminiscing about the warmth of summer. I talked about midwives with another.

I've sent off an agenda for a board meeting on Thursday to my board, touched up a presentation for John School on Saturday, and in snatches, read some of the first book in the Dalhousie series. I've thought about a blog on the evils of prostitution. (But, I've been thinking about this blog for 6 months, so don't hold your breath). I also thought some more about individuality and Christianity, and talked to this Julia about it, a bit.

And now, I've fed the dogs and I'm typing this blog, which is a long and wordy way to tell you that I don't really have a listed post for today, just some ramblings, and I'm going to skip watching Amazing Race and go back to my cup of tea and my book.

And you really should try the bocconcini. I mean it. Amazing. Throw some walnuts and some figs in.

That, my friends, is the end of this Monday miscellany.