Monday Miscellany

Are you sure there isn't something you need me to cook? Really? Nothing? You're sure? Honest?
Cause all I've done is cook.

I started cooking yesterday. The buns, the first half of the sweet potato thing (don't ask, long story, it tasted fine), the rice stuffing and the pie. Oh, and John School somewhere in the middle. (In which I cooked up a righteous indignation on slug-slime men who prey on battered, abused, addicted and enslaved women. But that's another post)

Yes, and ground beef and rice for a certain dog .

Today was the bird (15 pounds), the other half of the sweet potato casserole (still don't ask - like I said, it tasted good.), digging up some carrots in the garden, mashed potatoes, setting the table, coping when part of my guests called in really sick, making gravy, sugared pecans for the sweet potato thing (just don't ask, it looked ok) and toasting the almonds for the stuffing. Heating every thing up, and serving it.

Oh, and polishing silver. When you don't use it in 18 months, it's really tarnished. Who knew?

Are you sure you don't want me to cook something?
Would you like to come for leftovers?
I know, I'm sorry. I forgot to take pictures of the dishes before they went on the table. I was busy. Cooking.