Monday Miscellany

There are 2 parts to this post.

Part the first:
yep, I ate too much chocolate, too much fat, vats of mashed potato's, and realized that however good my wild rice stuffing might be, you really need bread based stuffing for sandwiches, to put next to the turkey.


I got a new bathrobe, 2 new buildings for my Christmas Village - Spitville now has a shoe store (!) and a department store with my last name that I have wanted for the last several years.

Oh, and the miraculous gift - a Cricut.

So, c'mon tell us, what did you get?

Part the Second:
DeAr mRs. MaRthA:

I iZzz VeeRy SoRy. I IZ BaaaaaD DogggLe. i Eatz aLLL tHe ChOclIt u SenZ MUmmY. I Iz soRy. I gO tO CorNeR (aNd to BaThROom, toO) AnD bE SaDz. VeRY SaDz. I tElL MuMMy is NumMy. ShE gEtZ mor MaDz.

ForGivEs MEEEeee?


(Dear Martha, mum is sorry too, we thought that having it in the centre of the kitchen table, far out of the reach of mastiff nose's would be sufficient, but apparently See's is just that good, and her nose found it. All that was left was a few small! pieces of wrapping. Sigh. Sorry to be so careless with such a thoughtful and wonderful gift.)