Monday Miscellany

I have 3 questions for you all today.
  1. I stood in line behind a guy, at the Second Cup low altar of caffeine. He asked for a hazelnut latte (blech!) with triple cream. The store clerk and I were both very confused about what triple cream might be. He was insistent that he always got it. Anyone? What's triple cream in a latte?
  2. It is time for the creme de la creme on Stirrup Queens The Mother Ship. I am supposed to post my best post. I don't have any idea of which one that might be. Anyone? Readers Choice?
  3. I have an idea for a Christmas blog. Much like Mel's show and tell - pick an object, a recipe, a decoration, a tradition, find a way to represent it pictorially, and then write a blog post, to be published Christmas Day, with an explanation of what it means to you. I know I'm not the only person not looking forward to Christmas this year, and I thought if I could reach back to happy memories, that might help. Thoughts?
  4. Ok, I lied. One last request. As you read this, I am standing in front of 30 Grade 9's (15 year olds), teaching a Junior Achievement class. Could you pray, sacrifice burnt offerings, send up good thoughts to the universe that they don't throw things at me, and that I don't swear in front of them? (As soon as the lady said don't swear, I suddenly became convinced that I'm going to)

Thanks, and have a great day!