The Toby Award

The Toby Awards
Given to those who perform silent but heroic acts. Those that would never think of praising themselves. Those who work hard to make the world a better kind of place, just by virtue of who they are and the decisions they make. For those who are much like Sir Toby, shy and quiet, but always available to purr.

The Nominee's.
Nominated by the lovely Martha at A Sense of Humour is Essential:

Two months ago, I was visiting a blog during International Comment Leaving Week. The blog, Building Heavenly Bridges, is from Cara, a mother of three daughters, including her firstborn, Emma born still eight years ago. Cara lives in Southern Vermont which has minimal resources for parents whose baby has died. In response to this need, Cara is establishing a chapter of Share in Southern Vermont. Share is an Infant Loss Bereavement and Support Group She will be facilitating her first meeting next month in January, 2009.

Cara's passion and tireless efforts inspire me. It reminds me how important sensitivity and support are for healing. It also allowed me an opportunity to remember and honor my own lost little one from my miscarriage seventeen years ago.

Sorrow is like a precious treasure, shown only to friends.
African Proverb

Many of us will remember the person who stood in the breach for us. Those of us who are dead baby mum's will remember that person who ran our support group, who began a slow and gentle process of showing us how to put our lives back together.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would join me in raising your glasses, To Cara, who has given so much of her time to light the way for the rest of us.
To Cara.

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