Could you please?

Go and vote for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation here? If you need a Canadian postal code (and I think you do) use T5J 1P1. The video is the third tab in (a little boy wearing a red shirt). Watch it and vote afterward.

There are lots of worthy causes on the list, but CF is very close to my heart. 25 years ago, my cousin died of CF. Robyn was a young child - not even young woman. She should have had her whole life ahead of her. Instead, Aunt Faith keeps Robyn's ashes at home, because Robyn just wanted to be at home. It is a sad thing when a child only wants to be home with her dog, and has had so much time in the hospital.

We have seen progress. Research has increased life expectancy. Early testing, early treatment. Hope. There is still more work to do.

For Robyn, for Aunt Faith, for Uncle Ken. For all of us, and for all of those diagnosed and their families, would you go vote?