I'm sorry for the short post.

The weekend was enormous fun.

I will post pictures of the $700 swatch, tell you the story of my water bottle on the tray, and illustrate how not all knitters are good knitters. I will talk about how the reindeer pulling Santa's sled have rain poncho's for each night.

I only brought knitting for me (for all of my projects, I have exactly one thing that I knitted. Everything else I have given away. It is my first pair of socks. Sufficed to say, I have learned lots since then.) There is a shawl that I started, and a pair of socks in purple and lime green, and a scarf that I carried all the way there, and back, and didn't start, but there are 6 more tiny hats for wee ones born still. And many knitters that have heard about our precious children, and how much we love them.

There were fiber purchases, knitting in front of the fireplaces, dessert every night, and smoked salmon on good cream cheese, with capers, on rye bread every morning. There was in fact, every good kind of food, and a spectacular room mate, who did not make fun of me for being odd.

The train trip was spectacular, and somehow 50 knitters restrained themselves from shearing all the Dall sheep we passed. (It was hard, we persevered). There was a paper bathing suit, and a photo of a woman in the paper bathing suit, who should not look that good in a paper bathing suit. In fact there is no one that should look that good in a paper swim suit.

Oh, and there was Ashley. I will also tell you the story of Ashley.

So, photo's and stories tomorrow. For tonight there is a husband who was so happy to see me, he bought me a food processor, (which is more romantic than you are thinking) - there are cats and dogs to pet and love, and a bed with my name on it.

I thought of you all, even though I had no Internet. I'm slowly catching up on your blogs, be patient with me.