Dear Internets:

It's one week from American thanksgiving. Which, ordinarily wouldn't matter to me, but it seems that I am doing American thanksgiving this year.

It all started when we renovated the house (you know the bookshelves you saw on Monday?) starting in August of 2007. (I howled with laughter at the wonderful and delightful Alicia who thought we got this done in a weekend!)

Anyway, with no dinning room, I didn't host Canadian thanksgiving, but I rashly told my mother we would do American thanksgiving. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, and Christmas was a total write off last year (Christmas? What Christmas? Oh, that thing that happened 15 days after my son died? That was Christmas?)

Anyway, I was talking to one of our consultants, an American, who was a bit down that she couldn't go home for thanksgiving this year, and I volunteered our spiffy new dinning room for the celebration of American thanksgiving, except on the Sunday, the Thursday not being a holiday in Canada.

Anyway, to my ahem thing. The American consultant had only one request, that we have the sweet potato casserole.

Which leaves me with 2 questions:

1. What is the sweet potato casserole? Does it have a recipe? Is it safe to simply type "sweet potato thing" into google? She mentioned something about mini marshmallows. If it has marshmallows, does that mean it's dessert?

2. Is a sweet potato the same as a yam? I can find yams. No sweet potatoes. Safeway knows not of your sweet potato casserole.

Please, dear Internets, help a girl out. She needs her casserole, and I have no idea what she's talking about. She has expectations of me, and I don't want to disappoint. It's hard enough to be away from home on the holidays, but really and truly, it seems like the sweet potato thing is really important. I have visions of making her day with it.

I remain your humble, obedient, faithful and committed servant,

Mrs. Spit