Monday Miscellany

yes, that's right, after several weeks of working too many hours and living like a crazy woman, I'm back on regular blog time.
  • The dilemma of the fetid fridge, it is solved my friends. Yeah, it troubles me no more. None. Not a bit. Nada. These little gems from Lee Valley (and if you live in the states, you have Macy's, it's a fair enough trade!). Anyway, all is right in my world.
  • So, as it happens, the most amazing hot dog place in the world is right up the street from my house, and we happened to go for lunch today, and I was chatting to the owner/cook/bottlewasher and telling him about my American thanksgiving thing (he's American). Told him I couldn't find sweet potato's in cans or regular form, and he told me to skip the can, but he'd get me 6 from his supplier. So, there you have it, I have sweet potato's, I have to pick them up on Friday. I'm going to see if I can knock off a hat to say thanks this week.
  • Would you all go tell Mr. Spit to post about the process of finishing the bookshelves? He did the lion's share of the work, and he deserves mucho credit. (Unfortunately, as a result of the credit crunch, he won't be getting any )
  • Mr. Spit and I went to a grief at Christmas workshop. It was great. As Mr. Spit put it, we paid $80 to have other's watch us cry, but there was some great information, and it was really practical. Well worth the time and the money.
  • After all of that, and a sleepless Saturday night, which found us both awake at 7 am(!) on Sunday, we took a miss on church today. It was just more than we could do.
  • I'm reading The Shack. Jury is still out. But it has maybe given me a blog post.

And finally one last thing. If you don't want to listen to me pontificate on some variant of etiquette, does anyone have a dilemma? Not sure how to set your table correctly? How to toast the queen at a dinner party? How to seat the queen at your dinner party?