I'm Sorry

No blog.

I am caught in something with work, and it is horrible and wretched and every awful thing, and it is all I can do to keep my head down and be silent and not tell them where they can take this rotten job and stuff it.

No, really, it's that bad. The fact that I have put 34 hours in this week, and that does not count today, and I took Monday off for the knitting retreat, and my house was broken into and I am clearly not pregnant this month, well, I'm not sure how much worse of a place I can be in.

I'll talk to you on Sunday. I promise. I'll bring the funny. Right now I'm just bringing the tired and weary and defeated and holding it together enough to get through this.

Oh, and if you have e-mailed me, I'm sorry. I'm not ignoring you. One of the things the burglars made off with was my laptop. A new one is ordered, and I'm using Mr. Spit's in the interim, but it's hard to check e-mail when you get home at midnight.