Today was going to be . . .

Finished project Friday.

No, not Becky's baby sweater, I'm not that fast. Not even close to that fast. I haven't even wound the skeins. I haven't even figured out the basics of what gauge I'm knitting at, and what gauge the baby sweater purports to be knitting at, and how to make my gauge equal that gauge, so I get a sweater suitable for a baby, not an elephant that happens to be cold and likes pink.

And when I figure that I out, I have to decide whether I need to to do it for Antigone first, because I think she is likely to come first at this whole having a baby thing, because she got started earlier (But if you would both speak up in the comments about relative dates, that would be absolutely brilliant.)

No, actually I finished socks for a birthday present, for a stand up, bang up friend, who kindly has sent me a birthday present last month, even though hers was exactly 6 months before mine, and she would have been quite justified in sending me my birthday present somewhere around her next birthday, because hers is well over 6 months late. And instead, she sent me a lovely candle and a bunch of truffles and she did not include a reminder that her birthday present consisted (at that time) one entire sock, and a sock to the heel for the other foot. Nor did she remind me that she, rather like most humans, has two feet, and would find it most useful to have two socks.

So, I finished them up earlier today, and they are all done, with the ends woven in, and ready to go, but I must confess, I feel like hell today, and possibly tomorrow, and I'm not sure where the camera is, and I feel crappy, and whiny, so pictures tomorrow, which means, Banana - your socks will be in the mail on Monday. Oh and Alicia, your scarf too. I still have to weave the ends in.

I really am that sad and pathetic these days. I'm sick. . . .

Now, I'm going back to bed.

(And on the subject of stand up, bang up women - could we all bow to the Amazing Martha, who blessedly sent chocolate and pet treats. I saved it to share with Mr. Spit (well, mostly). Did you all know that chocolates are called candy in the US? When ever I read books and the hero bought candy to the heroine, I always imagined some sort of bucket of hard candies, and I thought this was a bit odd, but anyway. So, I opened up the box of See's candy and they were the most amazing chocolates in the universe. I am sorry that Mr. Spit won't get to share them. But there's lots of other stuff)