Happy Birthday, Mr. Spit

Today is Mr. Spit's birthday. Which seems, to me at least, as good a time as any to tell you why I love him.

I love him because of inside jokes. Things that make both of us laugh. I love him because of how we can make a not very funny line from a movie make us laugh for weeks. (or, in the case of Office Space, years.)

I love him because his smile lights up his face, and he can find humour in anything. He makes me give over my serious and pensive moods, and laugh at the insanity of the world around me.

I love him because he's virtuous. Virtuous - is an oft mocked word. Put simply it means a sort of goodness. I watch my husband go above and beyond, be honest and good, even when it would be easier not too. I watch him take the hard path, even when no one notices.

I love him because he's kind and decent. I realize that kindness and decency, much like virtue are considered to be a boring sort of character trait. Not so say I. Mr. Spit is truly kind. He's truly gifted at looking at things from other's points of view. He's truly fair.

I love him because he takes joy in the world around him. From his love of astronomy to technical gadetry and literature, he finds so much to be excited about. In a world of cynism and bleah-attitudes, I find his wonder amazing and inspiring.

I love him because he listens. When I say something like "You know, I've been thinking . . . " and what I've been thinking about includes ripping out walls or buying a new car or digging up more of the back yard, he never tells me to stop thinking. And he never runs away. He's always willing to hear other's out.

I love him because he's a gentleman. He holds the door open for ladies, gives up his seat, doesn't wear a ball cap indoors, treats women with kindness and respect.

I love him because he gives back to his community - he routinely volunteers with the large item pick up, schlepping heavy stuff to the dump. He shows up to my volunteer commitments, and takes pictures, or helps organize, or runs chips at a casino.

I love him because he believes in me. He knows I can kick ass in a skirt and high heels, and he knows that I can do just about anything I make up my mind to do. And when I forget it, he reminds me. And more than believing in me, he believes in us.

And so, for these reasons, and many others, ladies and gentlemen, if you would join me in raising your (virtual glass),

To Mr. Spit, on his 36th birthday. Wishing him many more.

Cheers my love.