SITS Posting.

Wow, you all have overwhelmed enfolded me in your care and concern. I'm loving it. . . .

And hey I found you on the web.

For any of my usual commentators who are confused, the blog is here, and in honour of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day, they are featuring:

Serenity Joy's Mum (Ya Chun)
Katie's Mum (Lori Beth at the Road Less Travelled)
Glow in the Woods
and another blog that I hadn't seen - Dr. Joanne.

I noticed that you usually feature 3 posts, and I wondered, as I know that many of you don't completely understand what baby loss is like, I thought I would pick a few, to save you all the hassle of wading through 200 posts (Not that I would complain, I like it when other's read what I write. . . .)

Accordingly, my 4 favourite posts

An Open Letter to Matt Kaufman

A Lesson In Knitting

His Name is Gabriel

The Last Kick

And finally, my husband wrote about what it was like to lose your first born son, in the midst of what is largely perceived to be a woman's problem. Infant loss is extraordinarily painful for men too.

Lastly, if you are looking to support someone who has lost a baby, please be aware that it is different than a miscarriage, different than when your grandmother died. It's not more or less painful, but different. It's painful for the grieving when you liken one person's pain to another. Glow in the woods has some excellent suggestions on supporting those who are hurting.