Monday Miscellany

- I put something into the oven last night. I can't remember the last time I used the oven. I need to clean it. . .
- It has come to my attention that there are are two people in my blog roll category under "still trying to shoot down their stork", that have in fact managed to kill the darn creature! So, what blog roll category shall we give them? Leave your votes in the comments!
- The cats are adjusting. The dogs are adjusting. They just don't seem to be adjusting in the same room.
-For the love of all that's holy. . . Why can't my brother in law figure out what the time difference between CA and Alberta is? (No sense in asking my SIL, she's a potted plant.) Great, you figured out how to call us ('cause you know, we haven't spoken to you since March, when we saw you). What would it take for you to figure out how to call us at 7pm, not 10:45?
- Oh, here are the new cats, which have finally and reliably left the basement (which is now barricaded closed!)

This is Toby. Also called Tubby. He's 22 pounds of shy sweetness. He doesn't like the camera. Mr. Spit managed to snap this one after I had chased him all over the house. Really, he's very snuggly, if not at all camera friendly.

This is Coda (or Kota? Anyone who has watched Brother Bear want to jump in here and tell me how the name is spelled?) He's the smaller and curiouser and much more brave cat. He's smaller in that he weighs 16 pounds. He was the first to venture out of the basement, by about 3 hours. He was also the first to get chased and cornered by the dogs, wanting to know why he looked like Max, but sure didn't play like Max.

Two brother cats who like to get petted, they like to snuggle, they like to play. . . Really, it's very nice. Unless you are a dog locked in the living room.

Always better to sleep with your brother.

Look, we told you we aren't photogenic.

Holy Crumb. Did you see the size of those dogs?