Happy Thanksgiving

In a year filled with sorrow and sadness, I have to stop to remind myself to be thankful. That there is much to be thankful for. That gratitude is a discipline.

I am thankful for a strong marriage, with a wonderful man that I adore. I am thankful that I have never known anything other than his love and concern and care.

I am thankful for 16 critter legs, that show me love and give me snuffles. In a world that is so demanding, I count it pure joy to simply make their day by coming home each night. Truly, there are few other people that I make this happy by my presence. I am thankful for pure love, that does not require anything of me to deserve it.

I am thankful for a job that pays me well.

I am thankful that I have a home. A home that is safe and comfortable and warm. A home that is filled with love and concern, and is free from violence.

I am thankful that I have more food in the fridge than I need, and more clothes than I can wear. I am thankful that I have clean water from my taps, and medical insurance that is free.

I am thankful for a garden, that gave me peace and tranquility as I worked in it. That gave me vegetables for my table and freezer, and that gave me flowers for my soul.

I am thankful for friends, both real and virtual, that have provided both solace and succour. Who have listened and been willing to abide with me. Held my hand and waited with me.

I am thankful for a Lord who waits. Who listens to me. Who promises that Gabriel is safe and warm and cared for, and that I will know him when I see him again. Who promises me strength for today, and eternal life for tomorrow.

And I am thankful for you, dear readers. You who stop in and share your thoughts and care and concern. You who abide and celebrate. Who are with me in sorrow, and joy. Who share in the multitude and whimsy of every day life.

I am thankful.

Wishing you a happy and blessed thanksgiving,

Mr and Mrs. Spit, Delta, Maggie, Toby and Koda.

PS: American's who are confused, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving this Sunday.