Monday Miscellany

Ok, we have to break this into sections:

Ok, I admit it. I have flunked domesticity 101, 201, 301, and 401. I'm hopeless. I don't iron my pillow cases, there are still carrots in the garden, and if I don't find the time to dig them up soon, they are going to rot. I had beautiful mum's for fall, but I forgot to water them, and they died.

But, my fridge, it still smells. And I CANNOT get rid of the smell. Someone please help. I swear, I am going to go and buy a new fridge. Honest. And my thrifty and ecologically sane mind cannot countenance getting rid of my fridge, just because it smells. But I can't handle it.

The Home Reno Front:
- Another weekend spent painting. Well, actually, it was spent napping, with brief spurts of painting.
-I went to the woodworker's show (With Mr. Spit, face it, can you actually see me using power tools?!).
- I have shower taps. They came in the mail. I am beyond excited. Now, I just have to book in the tub re-glazing guys, to get them to come and do the tub. It may be, perchance, that in a few weeks, I can have my first shower in 8 months!
- I should be done my sewing room by next week.
- The dining room should be done in about 3-4 weeks. We are almost at the painting stage.
- Which means, by the end of November, we should be home reno project free. We could actually spend our weekends without power tools and paint brushes, doing whatever it is that normal people do on weekends (Quick: someone tell us what normal people do, please!)

So, what were we talking about at dinner last night? Yes, that's right, what we wanted to do to the kitchen. Someone, for the love of hammers, take away our tools and paintbrushes. We promised ourselves, no more home reno projects. None. Not for an entire year. Maybe even two.
(But we could do the kitchen in stages, and it's so ugly and dysfunctional and we need to insulate the back entry and put a heating vent and a proper window in there, so that we can remove the door, so it looks better. . . . )

The Pet Front
Delta wants you to know that the dog in the picture on Friday Was. Not. Her. She's an apricot brindle, and that was a fawn, and she's MUCH PRETTIER. But the cats still don't like her.
The Bling Front
I got awards. Thanks so much to Busted and Nikki!