The Toby Award

Given to those who perform silent but heroic acts. Those that would never think of praising themselves. People who probably don't even realize how remarkable their actions are. Those who work hard to make the world a better kind of place, just by virtue of who they are and the decisions they make. For those who are much like Sir Toby, shy and quiet, and always willing to insert themselves between you and the last 20 pages of your murder mystery. You know, so that you take time to appreciate the little things in life.

The Nominee:

From Martha, at A Sense of Humour is Essential. (Except, being American, she spells it without the 'u'. She's wrong, but don't tell her, she might stop sending Delta chocolate, ok?) In her words:

I would like to nominate a bloggy buddy, Kalei for the Toby Award. Her blog is an extension of her "Ohana" the Hawaiian word that means family and is a source of caring and sharing. (just like Toby) This month, she organized a raffle to raise funds for a child with cancer. Currently, she is organizing an IRL and online blanket donation drive to aid homeless and animal shelters.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you would join me in raising your glasses. To Kalei, for her commitment and creativity to be a force for good.

To Kalei

Are always gratefully accepted and can be sent to the email on my profile page.