Mr. Spit's New Hat

This is a picture of Mr. Spit's new hat. It's really nice huh?

This is Mr. Spit wearing his new hat. Yes, the fair aisle work is lovely, and I do really like those colours. I'm very pleased with how it's turning out.

This is a picture of the scarf I'm knitting to go with it. I think 4 inches is long enough, right? No, ok. I'll keep knitting. No, I didn't want to do fair aisle on the scarf, so I'm just knitting all the colours together. It gives a nice variegation. I'll do a bit with the dark brown and the light brown, and then the white and the dark brown. Kind of like stripes, but not really.

Yes, they look very attractive.
What, you can't see the pictures?
Oh, yes. My camera was stolen, and Mr. Spit's work camera is at, well, work. Sigh. Pictures later. And if you are my insurance person, hello, I'm still waiting for you to call me, fax me, email me, send a carrier pigeon, knock on the door (don't ring the bell, ok?). Something. Please?