Monday Miscellany

  • Mr. Spit and I were leaving a local shopping mall, after completing our Secret Shopping Mission(SSM), and as we walked out the doors, and into the parking lot, there was a guy, wearing pants (with his underpinnings a good half inch above the waist band of his jeans), no shirt, applying deodorant, all while standing outside his passenger door. If I had come out 15 mins earlier, would I have seen him with a washcloth and soap, I wonder?

  • The cold is a bit better. For a good week I sounded much worse than I felt, and then suddenly on Friday, I felt much worse than I sounded.

  • A public service announcement: If someone you are close to is diabetic, get them to teach you how to use their glucometer and how to give them insulin. My mother has been a type 1 diabetic for about 12 years now, and I did the diabetic training with her, but when she got very sick with Norwalk Virus over the weekend, I had no memory of how to check blood glucose. It was a bit tense.

  • After 1.5 years, we finally have some photo's up in the den. This is very exciting.

  • And finally, Miss Amelia, I've done my bit, now it's your turn.