Monday Miscellany

I have 2 observations, and 2 requests.

The Observations
  1. We all have a whole lot of things that we aren't talking about. And we are remarkably good at not talking about them!
  2. You guys bring the funny. For which I cannot say thank-you enough.

The Requests:

  1. The Toby Awards were posted yesterday. Did you go and look at them? I ask because I was really late in publishing (buried in my closet, de-cluttering).
  2. My Fridge front is empty. I went on a decluttering binge this weekend (see above). Part of that was taking down photo's of babies that are now in school, new houses that people don't live in any longer, pictures of cats we have not owned for 6 years. . . . You get the point.

Would you send me photo's to put on my fridge? Doesn't have to be of your kids (but it can!). Doesn't have to be of you and your partner (but it can!). Could be your house or your dog, or a knitting project or something.

Send me an e-mail and I'll give you my address.

PS - if you are looking for a meat slicer, never used, I just dropped one off at the Goodwill. . .

PPS - (last thing, I promise) - From CBC. Normal Couple Weds at Taco Bell. It took me a bit to figure it out. If you look at where the story was filed from, you'll stop saying "Really? Because normal people don't get married at the Taco Bell." But, I likely didn't need to tell you that. Because you are all smarter than me. Much smarter.