Drift Away

No etiquette column today. Work stuff got in the way. But, as M. assures me, I'm an expert.

I'm reading Canada's Federal Budget Canada's Economic Action Plan (343 pages baby!) and listening to this guy.

Drift Away

Line after line I'm more confused
But I look for the light through all that debt
I know it's a tax that I'm gonna pay
And I'm feelin' broke
And I'm feelin' pain

Gimme the budget
Jim, and free my tax
I don't wanna get lost in your graphs and charts and drift away...
Gimme the number Jim, and free my eyes
I don't wanna get stuck in your forecasts and drift away...

Beginning to think that I'm wasting time
Don't understand a word you write
The bottom line looks so unkind
Now I'm counting with you
34 billion in debt to see us through

Not funny?

Ok, I also liked this.
I'm always up for another pet. . .