Monday Miscellany

This is going to be short. Not because I'm tired, but because there is a little black cat on the shelf behind my computer, and he keeps chewing on paper, and I'm not sure what the paper is, or if it is important paper.

  • We are the proud owners of Rock Band. Yes, it's official, the Spit's are too cool for - umm, I don't know. Not school. We have about 13 years of school between us. To cool for something.
  • The cats have continued to barf. The plant is looking decidedly worse for wear. The plant has been moved several feet in the air while we all consider our next moves.
  • Thanks for all your very nice comments about my knitting. Now I have to power through something so that I have something to show off this Friday.

AND . . . .

Do YOU have a craft something to show off? I was thinking we could have ourselves a finished project Friday Carnival once a month, here at the Chez Spit Blog. (We could have it at my house, but, umm, it's a small house, and there are a lot of you, and well, you wouldn't all fit, and it would be a bit of a drive for you.)

So, are you interested? Leave a note in the comments. I might even try to figure out Mr. Linky.

And I really have to go, as there is more ripping, and I'm worried that those might be important-like papers.