Would you Help a Knitter Out?

So, I have this

And this.

And all of this is to be a hat/mittens/scarf set for twins. Well, two sets actually. (You know, one for each twin). My parish priest just happens to be adopting two twin boys from Haiti. They are coming in October. I'm knitting, and then going out to buy snowsuits for them. They should be between the ages of 2-3. At least their pictures look about that. They are very cute. Very.

Anyway, the scarf is going along swimmingly (except for the usual scarf angst - am I done yet? Surely a 6 inch scarf will work for a 2-ish year old. No? Humph)

Anyway, the plan is to knit the scarf first, because I can use that to swatch gauge, (take that knitting fates!) and really how hard is knitting a scarf. Knit. Keep knitting. Throw some pattern stuff in. Repeat the pattern stuff on the other side of the scarf, in the same order. (I will confess to having a bit of trouble with the same order thing in the past. But, I have resolved to do better!)

The problem is the hat and the mittens. I'm not sure of the dimensions of children's heads and hands. I have no idea what dimensions might comprise these particular children, and I have noticed that there is a particular dearth of toddlers around Chez Spit. I checked most closely. Even the basement. No children. None. Most inconvenient when you are trying to measure.

I have carefully consulted the internet and the dogs. The internet and the dogs were of utterly no assistance. (But the dogs would like you to know that they still have not been fed, and the cat is looking tasty)

They all suggested I ask the blog.


If you have a child, of between 2 and 3 years of age that just happens to be lurking in your house and consuming your groceries and generally being present (In, I don't know, the spare cupboard under the stairs?) Would you mind checking to see if they have a head and at least one hand in reasonably good repair?

If so, would you ever mind hauling them out and running a measuring tape around their head, about where a hat brim would usually sit?

And would you ever mind grabbing their hand (my experience suggests that it might be a good idea to wash said hand first.) and measuring around their wrist, about where their watch band would go (if they have one. Feel free to guess if not. No actual watch band is required for this), and then from the wrist to the end of their longest finger? (Generally this is the middle finger, but we are all about not judging here at Mrs. Spit's.)

And then, would you ever mind writing those measurements down and leaving them in the comments section?

The children who have to wear these garments this winter, in a facsimile of reasonable fit, and I, both thank you.

The dogs; however, do not. They are still stuck on this whole food thing, and you have failed to feed them. They are picky like that.