Domknitrix Knitting

At some point you reach the end of a project. Especially with lace like things, you are left with a misshapen, lumpy thing. Looking like something that a particularly large flamingo exhumed, there is a need to block knitting, to illustrate to it, firmly, what sort of a shape you intended it to be, before the willy-nilly decreases. (It's for a friend. She doesn't know she's getting it. Don't tell her.)

There are no photo's of the washing. You will have to rest assured it happened. The camera is expensive, and it does not inspire matrimonial concord when you drop it into the sink. . . .

The beginning of the drying process. It's high tech. You can see a corner of the Very Big, Very Fuzzy, Very Pink Thing (VBVFVPT). There is a mastiff hanging over the chair, wondering if this process will involve food.

See, I told you the drying process was high tech. . . .

And in order to block something, you need a flat surface . . . . It will be just like sleeping next to Mr. Spit. Except that he's not pink or cold and clammy. . . . It does expand to take all the available space on that side of the bed, much like Mr. Spit (No photo of Maggie, looking very concerned about where she was going to sleep tonight)

Everything prepared for blocking. Thanks to Kuri for the loan of the wires. I meant to count the pins, you know to make sure I got them all back. Nothing says I love you and welcome home like being stabbed in the nether regions by a stick pin.

See those funny looking scallops. This is why we are blocking the VBVFVPT. Blocking hides a multitude of sins. It's a knitter's best friend.

All laid out. Getting suspiciously close to the side of the bed designated as mine. Still looking distressingly lumpy. I also discovered a dropped stitch. Remind me to fix it, would you?

With wires. Note, no scallops. . .

The second part of the high tech drying process. . . .

I'll sleep, it will dry.

Will post pictures of it when done. Really, all you need to know- it's very pink, very fuzzy, very large. Knit on needles roughly the size of lamp posts. It was hard to go back to the size one's for Anna's socks.

So tell me, any guesses on what it is?