Can't Talk Right Now

My mouth is full.

Can't type right now either - I have a chocolate bar in both hands.

Thanks Sam. You are my new hero, my new best friend.

Mr. Spit can't talk either. . . He's um, busy too.

I have to go now. See you tomorrow.

A few "also's":

  • Mr. Spit is asking about what strange things you have seen in a small town. Go tell him and we'll both read your answers, and laugh, at least as much as we can while we stuff our faces with chocolate.
  • Blogger ate your grammar homework. I'm sure it's very sorry. Could we please have a do-over? I need the answers to award the button!
  • And finally, there's a semi-colon appreciation society! And they have t-shirts! Even in plus sizes! Oh, how my little heat yearns!