Monday Miscellany

Don't got much to say.

  • Need to go and find blocking wires for the very big, very fuzzy, very pink thing. . . I'll have pictures of it shortly.
  • I also made some good progress on Anna's socks, and on the whinge-for-all Thursday scarf.
  • Baby blanket? What on earth are you talking about. She's still gestating. I'm still knitting. I'm not sure which of us is getting more stressed. (Likely me, she doesn't know it's coming. . .)
  • I still can't dial the 780 area code. I swear the woman on the phone sounds more annoyed and more discontented each time I fail to dial the area code. I'm sure she's not Canadian. She would be more polite if she were.
  • I bought new bedding. And new blinds. And new curtains. Which means that I'm eyeing the bedside tables and the ceiling fan. . . .
  • Why yes, my scratches from the hell cat are starting to heal. Thanks for asking. He still seems to be doing fine. Only 360 days until we get to do this again. Dr. Collis and I can't wait.
  • That's all for me. I have a meme or two that people have tagged me for, but I'm running out of time. Next week. Remind me.
  • I'm reading David Sedaris' new book - When you are Engulfed in Flames. He's foul mouthed, but quite funny!