Monday Miscellany

  • I have finally finished Gabriel's scrapbook. I'm quite pleased, it looks great.
  • There is something in my fridge that smells, well, just terrible. But I can't figure out what it is. I have been through the fridge. I thought it was the beyond dead asparagus. But it still smells in there. Do you think you can use febreeze in your fridge? Baking soda just doesn't seem to be doing it.
  • Mr. Spit is out of town again. I'm out of frozen burritos. I'm not sure what I'm going to eat. It's not like there's not food, it's just that I totally suck at cooking for myself. What do you eat when you are alone?
  • I finished another several books this week, including "The Grass Beyond the Mountain", "Nothing to Good for a Cowboy" both by Richmond P. Hobson, "The Other Boleyn Girl", and "The Golden Compass". I'm still wandering through "The Problem of Pain", Phillip Yancy's new book on Prayer and Naomi Klein's book "Shock Doctrine". Also reading Judy Blume's "Summer Sister's" in the bath tub. And for some reason (masochism, I tell you) I'm meandering through Aristotle again.
  • Oh, and for those of you who were curious, I dropped Huckleberry Finn into wash by mistake. I had somehow gotten it caught up in the bedding as I stripped the bed to wash it. Mr. Spit noticed that something was awry when he went to flip the laundry, and there was paper every where in the washing machine.
  • I got my very first ripe tomato on Saturday. It looks lovely. I don't know how it tastes. I can't eat raw tomato's.

That's all for me. Hope you are having a great day.