Monday Miscellany - Updated

  • Would someone please explain to me why I have to confirm the dentist appointment *I* made? Yes I know, I made it waaaay back in June, and the appointment is not until September, but I said I'd be there. I wrote it on my calendar. I'm going to pay a stupid sum of money to hear that I need surgery, and I'm going to ignore it, because in the toss up between getting pregnant and having dental surgery (even with all the complications!) I still pick pregnancy. Hello, the possibility of a baby versus a shiny, new filling-like thing? Hello?
  • And, on the subject of things that come up to early, would someone please tell Micheal's that Hallowe'en is not until the. end. of. October. It is August. It is wholly unreasonable to have your Hallowe'en stuff up. Fall is not here. It is STILL SUMMER. (In spite of all evidence to the contrary!)
  • Everyone say thank you to Amy. She gave me an AWARD with a nice write up! I should put together a bling page!
  • It's a holiday here in Alberta. Except for Mr. Spit. He's watching concrete trucks. Would you think of him? I promised too, when I rolled out of bed.
  • And finally, would you go and vote in the Grammar poll? Right now, the grammar-haters are winning. Even if you never comment, would you go and take a look and pick an option?
    Thanks! (Update: Erm, yes Sam. That would be a poll. I'm trying to figure out what grammar pole is - the place on the map where all correctly conjugated verbs and rightly placed modifiers go to die?)