Monday Miscellany

  • I had a lovely visit with Alica at Earls. She's as lovely and charming as I expected. I touched her belly, and told this wee one (or ones?) that we were all very, very happy that they were here, and there was a large group of women who are so pleased, and we have expectations about fetal behaviour, and they'd better stay in line, or there will be a lot of women to give them crap.

  • Alicia got to see the Thursday-Whinge-For-All scarf for September. She says it's lovely. There were a few tense moments when I wondered if I was going to get it back. . .

  • Have I mentioned that I'm a big fan of local libraries? Yep. Probably goes along with knitting and gardening and sustainable living and being a communist (well, I believe in socialized medicine!). Anyway, big fan of the local library.

  • But, um, this isn't quite what they meant. Yes, you should not wash your books, no matter what the subject manner. The library likes new books. But not when they have been washed and they are replacing the book. That is not a new book. That is you paying the library because you are an idiot. And on no account, should you wash your book when you have not finished reading it. Because it will be the only copy the library has.