The Power of the Keyboard

I wrote a blog entry a few days ago, about rotten customer service experiences, and a few days after I published it, a lovely representative from Home Depot Customer Service emailed me, asking for more information about the store I was at, and what happened. She apologized profusely, and we emailed back and forth a few times, so I could provide her details.

Finally, a store manager called me, from the store. Actually, she called me yesterday, and I didn't have a chance to call her back, so she called again today.

And the store manager and I spoke. And I'm go to call the store before I go next time (when I go and buy the tile and the vanity for the bathroom reno) so that she can arrange to be there, she'd like to apologize in person.

And I have to say, after I complained about their service, this knocked my socks off. More than knocking my socks off, this earned more of my business. (And it's not like we don't do any reno's here at Chez Spit.)

And the entire point of this post is to say say Home Depot may have sucked, but they have done a really great job redeeming themselves! In fact, this rocked.

The tag below says evil corporations, but I'm pretty impressed with this one!

FWIW, I have not heard a word from Michaels, who apparently doesn't care that they lost out on $150 worth of my custom. I think we should start an anti-Michaels revolution!