It's Not That I'm No Fun

It's just that I'm no fun.

Look, I'm a serious person. I think, a lot. An awful lot. I read philosophy for fun, and I think fruity alcohol cocktails are dumb. (Except pomtini's, which are the nectar of the gods). I tend to obey the rules, and I always wear clean underwear. Hell, I wear slips under unlined skirts. I'm a homebody. I'd rather be on my couch, in my backyard, at my dinning room table. A loud and trendy restaurant? I'd rather have you come over for dinner. It's quiet and I can hear myself think, and you talk. I read a lot and I wear glasses. I'm serious. Possibly also dull.

And yes, I do bring my knitting everywhere.

And all of this is a round about way to announce what this year's life lesson will be.

(Oh, every year around my birthday, I decide to work on another life skill. When I turned 20, it was balance. Last year, it was the concept of enough. Yes, I still haven't mastered the concept of enough, or for that matter, balance. But, I spend a year focusing on it, and I think, I hope, I pray I get a bit better at it over the year.)


This year?

This year is about having fun.

No really. Fun. I can be fun. As Aunt Becky would say, Shut up, I can be fun. Really.
  • This year, I am going to do fun things.
  • This year, I am going to say no to not fun things.
  • This year I am not going to pass up fun things so that I can do un-fun things that I think I should do.
  • This year I'm going to define fun things as things I like to do.
And umm, I could probably use some help at this fun things business.

Any suggestions?