Monday Miscellany

This Monday Miscellany is brought to you by things that have changed my life. . .

1. The Furminator. This is, I admit it, a stupid sort of thing, but it removes whack loads (that's a technical term) of dog and cat fur, which reduces the amount of fur to remove via the vacuum. To give you an idea of how much fur there was before the advent of the furminator, the old housekeeper fired us, because she couldn't stand the fur.

2. Moroccan Hair Oil - which smells like a dream and works well against the frizz.

3. Expensive Salon Shampoo and Conditioner - Which doesn't strip as much as colour as drug store shampoo, and means that I can just get my roots touched up. Which hides the grey. Which is great and also a lot cheaper!

4. Pride, Prejudice and Zombies. Seriously, go read the book. But not when your partner isn't home. You will lie awake all night, waiting for them to come and get you. . .

And one last thing. London Drugs has a Roomba on sale, and I'm interested. Do you have one? Do you like it? Is it going to be like another pet? Are my pets going to attack it? Or just step on it? Does it work well with lots of fur?

And finally:
Today's Word of the Day
Fallopian Tube!