Monday Miscellany

On the Good Side
  • We rented a truck and hauled all the debris from the porch reno away. Since the city is on a clean up binge, we didn't have to pay for it. We even took away the ratty couch and chair that have been sitting at the end of the neighbours' garage and making me cross for about 3 months. (and I liked the idea of hauling it away much better than the idea of calling bylaw and ratting them out.)
  • While we were throwing our garbage out, some guy pulled up next to us, and he was getting rid of landscape ties. So, Mr. Spit stopped him, and we got an extra 7 brand new, never used landscape ties. Which is great!
  • We got the last of the concrete pulled out of our front. The previous idiots owners had helpfully poured concrete over concrete.
  • It rained last night. Actually there was a lovely booming thunderstorm. And I have to say, there is nothing better than being snuggled under your summer weight feather duvet, listening to the storm rage around you.
On the Bad Side
  • We rented a truck and then got a yard of 3/4 road crush, to start the sidewalk. We shovelled the crush out of the truck. When I remarked that I wasn't sure why I was so sore, Mr. Spit reminded me that this was a ton of gravel. The even better news is that next week we get to wheelbarrow it to the path. We are so not organized with the path project.
  • I didn't get the job I applied for. I do not have enough experience. Sigh.
  • I left my fish and chips from Saturday night out. Delta particularly enjoyed the tartar sauce.
And on the Huh Side:

Mr. Spit is making helpful knitting suggestions, what with the failure of the project that must not be named. . .