Oh Look, A Cat.

For Mr. Spit, and the rest of you, who found liquidity a challenge:

For the others: liquidity is a measure of the ability to generate cash to meet operating expenses, be they expected or brought on by crisis. It means that an organization has sufficient cash, or assets they can turn into cash, quickly, without losing any of the value of the asset (i.e. they don't have to sell at a discount to get the cash quickly). You measure liquidity by totaling your assets, and subtracting your liabilities. By conservative estimates, the ratio you get should be at least 1. In some industries, you do this measurement both daily, and on a forecast basis, and in some industries, it's done as part of the annual audit, effectively as an accounting test, and no one looks at the results. (I work in an industry that gets very excited about liquidity).

Also, Maker's Mark has excellent liquidity, Bud Light Lime, not so much!
The policy, especially after Brown Owl went through it, looked ok. Possibly even not bad. And, as a bonus, she put up with Mrs. Spit the Pouty Pants, who just wanted to hear it was brilliant, even if it did break Mrs. Spit's primary rule of writing. (Good writing is achieved by judicious application of butt to seat and fingers to keyboard. There's no substitute for time spent working on a piece.)

I'm not joking about the pouty bit. I was a git. I'll send a card, even though Brown Owl actually reads this.