When you think you can't.

I don't often talk about how close of a thing it was - that Gabriel was born on the margin, and the wrong side of the margin.

750g was what our hospital called the tipping point. The point at which a baby born had a good chance of a meaningful life.

Gabriel was 520 grams at birth.

230 grams
8 oz.
1/2 a pound.

A hair's breadth and a heartbeat too small. A tiny gap, and a gap that is miles wide and kilometres deep.

20 years ago a baby born at 32 weeks was a dicey thing.

10 years ago a baby born at 28 weeks was a dicey thing.

10 years from now, perhaps we will have a cure for pre-eclampsia, and perhaps we will be able to handle a baby with a gestational age of 23 weeks - when our Gabe stopped growing.

Jen is trying to help.

If you can, could you help her, help our babies, well that would be great.

Jen at the March of Dimes.