Toby Awards

The History
Given to those who perform silent but heroic acts. Those that would never think of praising themselves. People who probably don't even realize how remarkable their actions are. Those who work hard to make the world a better kind of place, just by virtue of who they are and the decisions they make. For those much like brave sir Toby, shoving his brother off the counter, so that he can eat his breakfast.

The Nominee:
When I read her post this last week, it took my breath away. It stayed with me for the entire week, and I would take out those words and memories and turn them around. I had another nominee for this week, but these words so struck me.

Obviously, we would likely not be in a position to do so if we had our own
children's education to budget for. I consider it another silver lining in the
cloud of childless/free living...

The kindness and generosity and perhaps the incipient sadness took my breath away.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you would join me in raising your glasses in a toast. To Loribeth of the Road Less Travelled, who can find a silver lining in her sorrow, and who can give of what is hers, while the giving reminds her that things are not the way they should be. To LoriBeth, for kindness and generosity, even though there is pain in the offering.

To Lori Beth.

And one last toast.

To Katie, who is not here, but is the whole of her mum and dad's heart. Her memory lives on when we speak her name. As thankful as we are for her parent's generosity, we wish she was here.

To Katie.

Got someone who deserves a Toby? Send me an email explaining why - it can be short, and I'll happily write it up.